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designer dress shoes with spikes_european designer shoes for cheap

Nice quality. Soft.
I bought this wallet for my husband. He doesn’t like traditional wallets because they are to big and bulky and he normally just carries around his credit card and drivers license (the bare minimum). This is a great wallet since it’s so thin and it comes with 2 different sizes of the silicone bands to fit a few cards or a whole lot with the bigger one. It is a bit tricky at the beginning to get used to taking the card out but after a few daya you get the hang of it.
This is made from bonded leather meaning it can be called Genuine Leather, but it is not Full Grain as description and title eludes. Calling it Full Grain is deceptive and wrong. Three basically qualities levels of leather: genuine leather, Top-grain leather, and Full grain. This item is not Full Grain. It is the lowest quality of leather, genuine leather. Also, I sat on my girlfriends white leather coach to watch a movie and the belt permanently stained the white coach. Who is going to pay for that? Three stars because it was cheap and I should have known better.
I'm a male, & have a avg sized face. I'm on Day 2 of these babies, and all I want to tell you is how impressed I am regarding the quality. Lens quality is superb for a $20 pair of sunglasses, and the fit, rubberized nosepiece, case, lanyard and wiping cloth is an added bonus. Im ready to order a 2nd pair.
Finally a perfect fit.
Perfect size and nice shirts as well.
good hat...definitely like the look. It fits quite a bit large though so be aware.
Husband it 6'3" and a healthy weight. Most "large" or XL items are really just extra wide...tall. These are truly longer...not wider. Good fit if you are Tall and not fat.
Very well made. Feels tough too.
I did not like the odd smell opening the outside package of the pants and subsequent smell after taking the item out of its plastic bag.
I bought this bathrobe as a Christmas gift for my husband who is always cold. As soon as he opened it he put it on and barely took it off for the rest of the day. He said it was so soft and cozy. He is about 5'7" and the bottom hem was about mid-calf. I don't know how it will hold up after washing or wearing for a while but as of right now he loves it.
12/29/19 -Update: the gift recipient loved this and started using it the next day. She finds the zippers easy to slide, the inside zipper pocket large enough to add a wallet, and likes the soft but sturdy material. Original review: I purchased this as a gift. I expected it to be smaller and I'm glad that it's not. It can hold quite a bit, the colors are very nice and the design is simple but functional. It has a pocket on the side that's good for sunglasses and a smooth zipper on top. The strap is appropriate for shoulder or cross body.
This is a very comfortable and top quality underwear, they are all as I have expected.I would recommend these underwear
Not the best bag one month and the zipper broke
Fits good
These are advertised as " CASSIC FIT ". Not even close! They are at least mid rise and maybe even high rise. Not everyone wants underwear that ride up the sides . That stuff is all that's available at places like Walmart for young strutters. I would send them back except it's not worth the hassle for the price so I threw them in the garbage.
Pulling up one of the socks while I had my shoe on (just fixing the top) I ripped right through the heel of the left sock on the first wear.
I purchased these glasses for my mom who is in her late sixties. She loves them. They really help her at night.
On time and exactly as advertised.
Dont likevthe lining on the inside. Also, too stiff
Little more expensive than my WalMart sunglasses, but they block the sun and they don't lift off my nose when I smile. I am happy with them.
Daughters loved them.
Beautiful necklace and even cuter packaging! Great gift idea!
Don’t expect it to look like the photo. The stones are the palest hint of the color in the photo. If I’d wanted pastels I’d probably like it. The photo makes it look like jewel tones. It feels substantial and the clasp seems sturdy. Overall disappointment but more trouble to return.
I would appreciate a couple more inside pockets.
Product was as I expected, as regards to quality, color, and usefulness.
Must have accessory, I travel a lot through metal detectors and this makes the experience go by fast
Best sunglasses on the market IMHO. If you wear them a bit everything looks weird as hell when you take them off.
I don’t like to carry a purse so I’ve always carried a tiny wallet that fits in my pocket. But then I always leave it in pants and then forget it when I need it. This is perfect. Still a small wallet but I can wear it crossbody if I want.
Is very pretty
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