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Good quality
Good fit - looks great!
Well, i'm a busy guy and don't like shopping. So these are the jeans i like, and love opening the front door and there they are. Perfect. Good product, and not too costly.
Did some research and figured I'd give these a shot. My feet are prone to becoming overheated and sweaty when wearing shoes for 4+ hours, even during casual use. I use antifungal drying powder in my shoes frequently to make sure I am not putting clean socks into already wet stinky shoes. I did not find these socks to be airy, in fact the material feels actually MORE stuffy than a traditional cotton sock.
Way too small. After first wash they were falling apart.
They're very comfortable
Very cute
Like good.
I was kind of skeptical for the price but it turned out very nice! Love it
Like 'em!
I purchased the navy blue, my Moto fits. I even put a discreet lady product (if you know what I mean) in there with it one day. Perfect. I will get it in another color. Maybe a color with some pop. I absolutely recommend it, great add on gift as well.
For 2XL it is a little snug but wearable. At 5'11 225lb I think there should be a little more room in a 2XL. Next time Ill by a 3xl
Great and durable
returned it. The quality was not the best.
Not authentic, the black or was miss-marked very small, the rinse color is big, the faded jean ok.
Gorgeous! Love it! Will buy more!
They are really great glasses and I would totally recommend.
After some light wear around the house and to take out the trash after about three weeks there is already major pilling on the fabric. The bottom cuffs are also fraying and haven't even washed them yet. I wouldn't recommend these long term for the gym or out and about but would be fine just for at home use.
Everything is way to tight! You can't get your cards out very easily.
Really basic cheap feeling cotton. I couldnt even wear it after 3 washes , very stiff.
Just what I wanted and perfect fit.
I have used this bag quite often in the past few months. It is the perfect size to carry office items to work and yet very light and rain resistant. I love having a lot of pockets, especially the one for your water bottle.
Nice price and quality
I love this bag! It's attractive, large, and looks high-quality.

Recently went to a local festival, and I was able to fit 2 big picnic blankets, wallet, tickets, hat, and various other items with plenty of room to spare. Was able to put in everything we purchased into the bag as well.

The only downside is that you'll have to hold the bag close to you when trying to get through a crowd else you'll hit people with the bag, but that's expected with something so large.
I love this purse, and get so many compliments on it! Among other similar products that I looked at on Amazon, I'm glad I bought this one.

Under most light, the purse simply looks slightly shimmery, metallic gunmetal gray: classy, mod, and just a hint of colour. Under bright sunlight, the colours really start to shine, and in bright, directional light like a camera flash, it is CRAZY luminescent. Way brighter than I would have imagined! It's a really cool effect, and everyone who has complimented my bag and I've told them to try taking a flash photo of it has been floored.

Not only does this look cool, but the construction is really solid. I was afraid that the geometric panels on this bag would peel with time, but I've been using mine a few months now with no peeling whatsoever. The coating of these panels feels smooth and almost rubberized. The canvas-like material underneath is strong and well-sewn. I also love the various pockets and straps to make carrying all my junk convenient! I've managed to load this purse up, it holds plenty.

In sum: if you like shiny, colourful, and a little different, get this purse. It's both fun and functional!

(This review is 100% my own opinion, and was not paid for, solicited, compensated, or influenced in any way. The included photo is unedited.)
beautiful and good quality !
These socks are fantastic. They breathe well and yet still feel solid. The design of the socks cause them to hug your feet in the middle. I have had no slippage issues with them on the heel either. I just ordered my second set as I liked the first set I ordered so much. I should have bought these forever ago.
The Polished Black are ridiculously small in waist and length. At the same time I purchased the Dark Charcoal which fit perfectly. Outrageously bad quality control. Hopefully, Levis manufacturing will come back to the United States.
I ordered the red one and the black one sweatshirts. I received both of them defective. Red sweatshirt in front is cut with something sharp. The black one has a hole on the back. Non acceptable quality. I want my money back!